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Welcome to the NASA Langley Satellite Page for the ARM field campaign in Southern Great Plains (SGP). This web server was developed to provide near real-time GOES (8 & 10) and AVHRR (NOAA-15 & 16, & 17) satellite imagery and products, satellite orbital predictions, and weather products to support ARM field campaigns (ARM-UAV, ARESE-II, ARM Cloud IOP ). It is not intended for "operational" use. This work is being directed by Patrick Minnis  of the Atmospheric Sciences Division  at the NASA Langley Research Center   located in Hampton, Virginia.

Current GOES-8 False Color Image
using 0.65um (red), 3.9-10.7um (greenn) & 10.7um (blue)
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ssec Satellite and conventional datasets are acquired from SSEC in Madison, Wisconsin. Most images on this website are produced using McIDAS software system.
Orbital Prediction
Cloud Product
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